Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mr. Even is soooo blur!

Today, after finished with the first R&D meeting..

Location: School's gate.

Saw him from far away..

Waved to him before crossing the street..

But.. he was like...

And then..

Of course laa I was waving at you..

No others except you there.. =='
And, the nearest other people were at the shops across 2 streets from school!

Why did I had crush on you huh?

Si putih and fish cake

Yesterday, while waiting for Mama to come and fetch me up, as usual, I went to meet Si Putih to say hi. He was sleeping under a bench. So, I don't want to bother him (but I did actually)..

While I was eating Koperasi's famous fish cake (best selling food), Si Putih suddenly woke up and "muuuu~ miaaaw~ mmmm~" asking me to share the fish cake with him.

"Mmmmm~ Purrrr~ nuu, muooow.. meoooo.. muu.. mmm"

"still sleepy, but it's smells goooood~ nur, please give me some! no, i actually want it all!"

"waaahh~ so yummy! although the chili sauce is spicy, but it's really taste goooood~"

The last thing I realize was, Si Putih ate all of my fish cake =='

Friday, May 21, 2010

Si putih kucing pengetua

Orang kata kucing nama 'putih' ni kucing pengetua SMKSSAAS. tak tahu la betul ke tak. Haha.

Lena betul tidur.

Kesian misai kena potong, sapa la nakal sangat ni :(

tidur mati

Putih selalunya lepak kat pondok pak guard sekolah.