Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ren and Ran, the neighbour's cats

Ren is a male teenager, while Ran is female kitten.

Arrived home, after went out somewhere with babah, spotted Ren & Ran played outside.
I called Ran, and she came to me. Awww.. So cute ^^
Then, Babah quickly picked her up and put her on the back of his truck.

Here she is, looks confused.
"where am I?" =='

Sniffing around

Oh okay dear Ran, don't you dare open my bag! =='

Aish.. Tired la! Nothing much to do -___-

Spot something.
"ohhh~ what's that?~"

Ran "teeheee~ phone strap is fun!" :D
Aira "heeey~" =='

Okay, big brother Ren is in the truck too. Sniffing around..
Ren "I wonder where are we?" =='
Ran "yeah.." =='

"I see the light~"
(imitating a line from Ghost Whisperer)

pfff.. I'm bored. Don't want to play -___-

Ran: Keys? I want Key Kibum! Don't want your house key :P
Ren: Heyy~ T_T

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mr. Even is soooo blur!

Today, after finished with the first R&D meeting..

Location: School's gate.

Saw him from far away..

Waved to him before crossing the street..

But.. he was like...

And then..

Of course laa I was waving at you..

No others except you there.. =='
And, the nearest other people were at the shops across 2 streets from school!

Why did I had crush on you huh?

Si putih and fish cake

Yesterday, while waiting for Mama to come and fetch me up, as usual, I went to meet Si Putih to say hi. He was sleeping under a bench. So, I don't want to bother him (but I did actually)..

While I was eating Koperasi's famous fish cake (best selling food), Si Putih suddenly woke up and "muuuu~ miaaaw~ mmmm~" asking me to share the fish cake with him.

"Mmmmm~ Purrrr~ nuu, muooow.. meoooo.. muu.. mmm"

"still sleepy, but it's smells goooood~ nur, please give me some! no, i actually want it all!"

"waaahh~ so yummy! although the chili sauce is spicy, but it's really taste goooood~"

The last thing I realize was, Si Putih ate all of my fish cake =='

Monday, May 24, 2010

Witty kesh

"skreeet~ straaapp~ skreeet~ straaapp~" (sound of tearing something)

Teacher Chee: Keshwin, what are you tearing under the table?

Keshwin: My UN-der-ware~

Class: o_O

*of course la not his underware, he was playing with the table's coat.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Si putih kucing pengetua

Orang kata kucing nama 'putih' ni kucing pengetua SMKSSAAS. tak tahu la betul ke tak. Haha.

Lena betul tidur.

Kesian misai kena potong, sapa la nakal sangat ni :(

tidur mati

Putih selalunya lepak kat pondok pak guard sekolah.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The first three days of form 6 life (part 2)

I miss you a lot dear JINGGA! and all of you dearest readers..

orientation week is finally over!!!

Here are some pictures of me during my orientation.

Oh, yes! Lets continue my orientation week story :)
Where did I paused.. Hmm.. Uh oh, yes, Thursday! Rightttt~

On Thursday..
We got subjects introduction.. The teachers came in and briefing about their subjects..

As a Science Stream student, I'll take Mathematics T, Chemistry, Biology, MUET, Pengajian Am.
Oh, MUET and Pengajian Am are compulsory to all students. I chose Biology rather than Physics. Because, my target courses in university won't used Physics.

And, guess what?
Suddenly I want to take Physics, and History as my additional subjects! Kyaaa~~
Because the Physics teacher is sooo nice, cool, fun, and hyper ^^ She give out a lot of happy auras. Not the creepy auras of Physics like before, which make you shiver and wonder if you'll have to jump from the corridor after class .. (former classmates, u know what I mean :)
History? Do I have to give reasons why am I love History? Haha.. I love History. History is my favourite subject since I was in Form 1. And, the teacher is hyper too. Yeah, I like teachers like that.
Uh oh.. I know.. I know.. I can't!
Well, first of all, those subjects won't be used for my university's course application. I want to take lab-courses (MLT / Microbiology, etc)..
Why should I waste my time to take subjects that won't help me in my next UPU application? Yeah, although I really love History subject.
Secondly, if I want to take those additional subjects, I have to study by my own. Go to tuition.. Aigo.. ==' Don't want la.. :P

Yesterday, Friday.. We have bacaan Yaasin in class after assembly, then, a long motivation session on "Aku boleh! Warkah Ayah Bonda". *sigh..
During this motivation session, I already felt sick, my sore throat worsen, and slightly feverish.. I can't concentrate, and felt burden to keep listening to the counselor. Uhh.. Sorry! =='
Not that I'm not having emotion to cry or touched by the sad videos or what so ever but try to be sick, feverish, lost your voice for sore throat, and then you know what it feels like! Even if you hit the pillar you don't have the emotion to say "ouch!"*grrr~
After that very long motivation session (long enough that we didn't have a break), at last, it is the finale, the closing ceremony. Huahaha..
For the closing, we, the Lower Six performed a choir of school song, and a mini drama.



Thursday, May 13, 2010

The first three days of form 6 life (part 1)

Hello readers..
Miss me, already?? :D

Hehey, I know.. Supposedly I have to wait until weekend to online, BUT~~~
This week is the orientation week, yeah..
Airayaya+Readers: *making face like this ---> -_-
I heard Iz said he is on the Matrik's orientation too.. *laughing rolling

Gee.. You know what? I got myself the Science Stream!!!
Yayyyyyy~~~~ :D :D :D
Readers: Congrats! :D

Hmhmm.. Where should I start? I'm only in Form 6 for about 3 days :)
And, it is the orientation week, study and learning will be starting next week (hopefully)..

Right, let me start with my first day (4 hours) in SSAAS :)
I came with mama by 9.00AM as said in the lettter..

After registration, I was sent into a class, with the others 23 students..
There, in that class, which will be the Art Stream's class, all Art and Science stream student were combined during the orientation week.
Uh oh, everytime we reach our class, KFC will greet us in front of our eyes.. -_-
We had to wait for almost two hours in class until the teacher came and told briefly about Form 6, and this week's activities..

Many of Sevenians enter Form 6!!! Huahahaha.. There is Vinotha from my former class (I thought I'm the only one from 5sc1 taking F6!! yay~), then, Razuqni, Seth, and Khalilah from 5sc2, Najihah, Ammar the SPBT, Siti, Atiqah, Yazid.. Who else? I can't remember their names although I can recognize their faces T_T Sorry! =='
Other schools are SMK Seksyen 9, SM Projek Seksyen 11, SMT Grik, and from SMKSSAAS itself.

Next day, which is yesterday..
After assembly, oh yeah, we have to come to school like others secondary student, must reach school before 7.25 AM.. We got some simple briefing from the PK Kanan, PK HEM and PK Koku. After recess, we do the test called Invertori Minat Kerjaya, which the result will tell you about your occupation area, type of occupation that suitable to you, erm, something like that :)
I'm in the right path, I mean, the Science Stream really suits me, because, the result indicated my passion is in Science, which is really berry and truly true ;)
Had done this test in Form 5, the results are alike.
Then, after that, the counselor did some fun group activities.. We all enjoyed.
The groups are Siput Sedut, and Cacing Penyek :P

Today, Lower Six were having our first MPPPU meeting, and then, after recess, the Explorace, all the Lower Six was conducted by Upper Six.. Uhhhh~ =='
Well.. They (seniors) are nice, actually.. Some of them already said that they are willing to help us if we got any problems in academic later on.. Like today, after school, they let me browsing their reference books..

But, for the Explorace.. I think they used this opportunity to bully us like they had been bullied by their seniors previously. Because, they really enjoyed on the dance floor task ==' Uhukz, we have to dance in front of them (internal scream with 100% blushing) .. And, they will cheer out loud when someone do some sexy move =='
Aigo.. Hope they didn't upload that videos of us dancing in YouTube or Facebook T_T Or else, we will do the same thing to our junior next year!! *evil laugh
Uh oh, Momo, which is my team for Explorace, got the 5th place.. 5 out of 6.. Huhu T_T Oh, nvm, it is just for fun.. right? And, we already do our best :)

I wonder why most of the people I asked before, they said Form 6 student wear white uniform with black skirt??
Because they are totally wrong! =='
We wear the same uniform as secondary school laa~ :P See that in my drawing above? Yeah, just like that..
But, I think the boys are much luckier, because they wear white pant.. And, because of the Form 6 girls are wearing as same as the secondary one, the only difference is the black canvas shoes :l

What are the exciting things about being a Form 6 student?
Well.. Many!

As the Form Six student, we are the seniors in the school.. Yeah ^^
As for me, I'm a Lower Six, therefore, I'm a junior to the Upper Six. That means, I'm a senior to the school but a junior to my senior.. Can't catch it up? =='
Simplified: I got seniors while being a senior myself! Yeah, I like this ^^

All Form 6 students must join the SMKSSAAS MPPPU, a club specially for Form 6, no other form can join it.
What is MPPPU?
Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar Pra-Universiti
Hoho.. It is cool, isn't? ^^

I heard that Form 6 students can drive to school. And, can park in the school area! :D
Yeah~~ Awesome~~~~
But, it won't be that awesome if you don't own any car by yourself! :P

We got R&D, that is Research & Development project.
Uh oh.. =='
Next week, our seniors will present their works, so, it is the golden opportunities for us, the juniors to see and take notes! :D :D
I think they are the first batch to do the R&D, maybe, just maybe, because they keep saying that we are lucky to (will) see them present their works, while they have to struggle doing it all by themselves, with teacher's help (of course!), didn't had a picture at first about the R&D, not like us.. o_0
And the best part of this is.. *drum
We can bring our LAPTOP!!! :D :D :D

Correction, I don't own any laptop!
Soooooo.. Hehehehehe *evil laugh
Si Kechik will be kidnap every R&D days ^^

To be continued!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Resipi: Nasi Lemak Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis Kubis Goreng Kicap Ayam Goreng

Hahaha.. Cuba baca tajuk entri ni dengan 1 nafas je ^^
Nasi Lemak Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis Kubis Goreng Kicap Ayam Goreng!!! *putus nafas.. Teet teet teet =='


Hari ni cuba masak nasi lemak lengkap dengan lauk-lauknya sekali sorang-sorang. Sebelum ni tak pernah, cuma tolong mama masakkan sambal tumis atau gorengkan sayur je :)

Nasi Lemak

2 cawan beras
2 helai daun pandan -dicuci bersih, simpul
1/2 kotak santan kelapa
Sedikit hirisan halia (saiz 1/2 ibu jari je taw) dan bawang merah

Hmm.. Macam mana nak terangkan ye? Sebab lain beras, lain sukatan air.. Hmhm.. =='
Okay, mcm ni lah..
  1. Mula-mula cuci beras macam biasa.
  2. Masukkan 1/2 kotak santan kelapa, pastu tambah air ikut sukatan beras macam biasa :)
  3. Tambah hirisan halia dan bawang merah, serta daun pandan yang sudah disimpul.
  4. Masak atas api sederhana, atau dalam periuk elektrik, jangan tutup sepanjang nasi sedang masak tu, kacau la sekali sekala supaya santan sebati (tak naik).
  5. Bila nasi dah mula masak, kacau buat kali terakhir sebelum tutup dengan penutup periuk.
    Hmm.. Jap lagi masak la tu ^^

Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis

Segengam/1 senduk besar ikan bilis kering - dicuci dan ditos
7 sudu besar pes lada giling
3 ulas bawang putih - mayang
1 bawang besar - mayang
1 sudu kecil pes asam jawa (dicampur dengan sedikit air)
1/2 sudu kecil garam
4 sudu besar gula pasir
Sedikit minyak untuk menumis

  1. Dalam periuk sederhana, tuang sedikit minyak. Goreng ikan bilis sampai garing. Angkat.
  2. Dalam kuali dan minyak tadi, tumis bawang putih dan bawang besar sehingga naik bau. Masukkan pes lada giling, tumis sehingga garing. Ingat, kena sampai garing taw, kalau tak sambal anda rasa pelik, dan cepat basi. Garing, bukan hangus! =='
  3. Apabila sambal telah garing, cepat-cepat tambah air asam jawa, gula, dan garam. Dengan kehadiran gula, warna sambal akan serta merta bertukar gelap. Jangan panik :)
  4. Dah sebati? Masukkan semula ikan bilis goreng tadi ;)
    Kacau-kacau.. Tunggu jap, jap.. Ok, kacau-kacau sikit lagi.. Dan..... SIAP! :D

Kubis Goreng Kicap

1/4 kubis bulat -dicuci dan dihiris
1 lada merah -dihiris
3 ulas bawang putih - mayang
1 bawang merah - mayang
2 sudu ikan bilis kering - dicuci dan ditos
Kicap manis
Minyak untuk menumis

  1. Di dalam kuali, tumis bawang putih, bawang merah, lada merah, dan ikan bilis sehingga garing.
  2. Masukkan kubis, goreng sampai masak (kubis bila dah masak macam layu).
  3. Sejurus kubis masak, cepat2 masukkan kicap manis. Gaul-gaul, dah rasa sebati tu, maknanya dah SIAP! ^^

Ayam Goreng AYAMAS

Alaaa.. Takkan kena ajar juga kot.. Haha. Ayam goreng segera je ni ^^
Kalau tak tahu, baca arahan kat plastik ayam segera tu ye ;)


Senang je kan masak nasi lemak ni?
Cubalah nnt ye ;)

Resipi: Agar-agar Nanas

Weee~~ ^^
Agar-agar rupa-rupanya sangat senang nak dimasak. Tak sampai 30 minit! ^^

Oh, agar-agar nanas masa di Jamuan Apreasisasi Guru kat Afiqah's tu saya la yang buat.. Yep, ni 1st time masak agar-agar :D


1 tin nanas
1 paket agar-agar
1/2 cawan gula putih
1/2 tin susu cair


  1. Susun bekas-bekas yang anda nak tuang agar-agar nanti di dalam dulang yang diisi air.
  2. Mula-mula... Masukkan agar-agar (seperti gambar di atas) ke dalam periuk besar. Tambah air takat tutup agar-agar sahaja. Tak lebih, tak kurang. Jangan lebih, nanti agar-agar jadi lembik. Didihkan atas api sederhana. Kacau-kacau sekali sekala supaya agar-agar tak melekat-lekat diantara satu sama lain.
  3. Sementara menanti agar-agar mendidih, kisar 1 tin nanas (dengan air nanas tu sekali) bersama 1/2 cawan gula sehingga halus.
  4. Apabila agar-agar mendidih (semua agar-agar tadi dah hancur dalam air), masukkan kisaran nanas tadi. Tambah susu cair. Kacau sehingga sebati, kacau lebih kurang 3 minit lagi sebelum tutup api. Tak perlu tunggu mendidih semula.
  5. Cepat-cepat tuang agar-agar panas ke dalam bekas-bekas tadi. Sejukkan pada suhu bilik, bila agar-agar mula mengeras, masukkan ke dalam peti sejuk. SIAP! ;)

Xda gambar agar-agar siap, sebab L730 tiba-tiba diserang strok =='

Hmm.. Kenapa entri ni banyak kata ganda ye? :P

Makaroni Goreng

Hai semua~~
Maaf sebab entri ni dalam Bahasa Melayu *tunduk maaf
Sebab saya tak tahu nak huraikan dalam English T_T
Yelah, English saya xda la hebat pun sbnrnye *segan



Saya kembali menulis entri-entri makanan selepas seorang junior saya buat special request,
dia kata "dah lama akak tak post entri pasal makanan macam dulu".. Orait.. Ni lah ni akak post ^^
Rasanya dulu penah post pasal kek, hmm.. Lupalah pula ^^ Cubalah carilah kalau rajin, kat entri 1-2 thn lps :P

Hmm.. Bagus gak kot? Sebab kawan2 saya ramai dah nak gi blaja kat luar hometown..
Yang membawa maksud "jauh dari famili=hidup berdikari"
Mungkin mereka dapat hostel yang ada dapur, so bolehlah cuba resipi saya ^^

Kepada pembaca yang tidak tahu/kurang mahir Bahasa Melayu, maaf di atas segala kesulitan yang dihadapi. Mungkin entri-entri makanan yang seterusnya kalau tu resipi mama atau saya sendiri, saya akan tulis dalam BM.. Maaf! * tunduk maaf *

Baiklah pembaca sekalian.. Makaroni Goreng ni leh kata makanan ferevet saya ni ^^
Senang je taw nak masak ni.. Sedap pun sedap.. Hari tu bawa ke Picnic Game, licin dorang habiskan :D Kesian Tata tak sempat rasa, padahal masa awal-awal sampai padang, dia dah bawa lari makaroni tu ==' Lain kali ye Cik Ta ;)


1 paket makaroni (bentuk suka hati anda, samada bulat, siput, warna warni, dll)
1 paket daging cincang - cuci dengan air garam, tos
1 lobak merah (saiz sederhana) - dicincang
1 tin cendawan bulat - dicincang
5 ulas bawang putih - hiris halus
1 bawang besar (yang berkulit tebal, warna kuning jingga tu) - hiris halus
1 botol sos spageti tomato (alaa yang macam Prego tu~ ;)
5 sudu besar pes lada giling (jenama Puteri sedap!)
2 sudu besar kicap manis (bagi penyedap rasa tp jgn lebih taw! oh, tak letak pun tak pe)
1/2 sudu besar garam
serbuk lada hitam kasar (lagi banyak lagi bagus! ;)
Sedikit minyak


  1. Dalam periuk besar, isikan air sehingga separuh penuh.
    Apabila air mula mendidih, masukkan 1/2 sudu besar garam dan sedikit minyak (dalam 2 sudu besar je).
    Kemudian, apabila air mendidih, masukkan makaroni. Masak sehingga makaroni empuk, tapi jangan overcook ye!
    Tapis makaroni, dan biarkan di tepi..
  2. Dalam kuali (api sederhana besar), tuang sedikit minyak (dalam 4-5 sudu besar). Tumis bawang putih dan besar sehingga naik bau (naik bau sahaja, bukan garing!).
    Masukkan pes lada giling, tumis sehingga garing.
  3. Masukkan daging cincang, tambah serbuk lada hitam.. Dan masak sehingga empuk (daging cincang dah tukar warna, dan kering air).
  4. Setelah empuk, masukkan sos spageti tomato, lobak merah, dan cendawan. Okay, dah nak siap dah ni..
  5. Bila sos tomato berdaging tadi dah mula membuak-buak (bukan mendidih taw!), masukkan makaroni tadi. Goreng-goreng sampai sebati. Bila sudah sebati, sprinkle sedikit kicap manis buat penyedap rasa, dan gaul-gaul supaya sebati. SIAP! ;)
    Jangan lupa tutup api! :P


Ada orang suka makan dengan hirisan keju.. Bolehlah tabur-tabur sikit, keju mozzarella sedap! ;)
Ohh, kalau makan dengan sosej goreng pun sedap juga taw ;)

Ya, saya tahu, tak semua mahir memasak. Macam saya jugak, xda la mahir sangat, tp tahu la sikit2 kalau masakan yg mudah2 tu :D
(Hmm.. Ada orang kata kalau tak reti masak rendang, xleh kawin lagi.. Sbb nnt masa raya xda lauk ==' )

Sedikit tips mengenai Makaroni Goreng.. :D
  • Perasan tak bila masak sos tu xda letak garam?
    Sebab masa rebus makaroni tadi dah letak. So, kalau letak lagi, akan bertambah-tambah masin. Tak baik masin2 taw.. Makaroni tu dah masin hasil dari rebusan garam tadi ;)
    Lebih senang letak garam masa rebus makaroni..
  • Cuci daging cincang dengan garam (tak kisah garam kasar or halus). Garam boleh cuci darah dan buang lemak berlebihan yang melekat kat daging cincang tu..
    Tengok air cucian tu, peh~ Keruh =='
  • Hiris/cincang lobak merah dan cendawan tu. Haha. Lagi kecil lagi bagus, senang empuk dan senang dimakan. Kalau orang yang tak suka makan sayur pun terpaksa makan jugak sebab dah sebati benar dengan sos tomato daging ^^
    Tapi! Jangan cincang sampai lumat pulak! =='
    Erm.. Macam ni cukup la..

  • Masa tumis pes lada giling tu memang agak keliru untuk mengetahui ianya sudah garing atau tidak. Erm.. Mengikut kefahaman amatur seperti saya ni, yang dikatakan garing bila..
    1. Lada giling tu macam 'kering', keluarkan minyak.
    2. Macam melekat-lekat pada kuali walaupun kuali anda kalis lekat2.
    3. Warna agak gelap berbanding lada giling tak masak.
    Lada giling kena garing, sebab kalau tak cukup garing, makanan/lauk senang basi/tak tahan lama..
    Err.. Kena slalu memasak la, baru tahu macam mana.. Practice make prefect, right?
  • Botol sos spageti tomato ready-made kadang2 agak susah nak buka. Pulas kuat macam mana pun, kadang2 botol tu gedik ketatnya. Well.. Memula tarik nafas, tenangkan diri.. Kendurkan otot tangan tu jangan tegang sangat (maksudnye relax-kan diri).. Then, pulas perlahan tapi mantap. Insya-Allah, penutup tu boleh buka, ada bunyi "POP!" tanda berjaya. Yup..

Cukuplah setakat ni.. haha ^^
Buhbye~ :D