Saturday, April 24, 2010

Geng ex-form 5 pergi berkelah

Semalam (23 April 2010), kitorang pergi piknik kat padang dekat area muzium shah alam tu (lagi). Dari jam 3 hingga 6 petang. Kali ni Syae yang anjurkan, siap ada nama program: Picnic Game. Ceywah~ Selain kelas sendiri, syae ajak kekawan kelas sebelah-sebelah juga, tu makin meriah tu (walaupun tak ramai yang dapat join).

carpooling.  syae drive!

Antara yang hadir: Syae, Tajul, Raidah, Khairunnisa, Nina, Qila, Jaynal, Mu'az, Zufar, Sopi, Anas H., Saffa, One.. (eh, ku tak miss sesapa punya nama kan?)

Kisahnya, semua games yang dimain oleh kami petang tu diilhamkan daripada beberapa korean's variety shows yang syae minat. Gila betul. Nasib syae sebagai penganjur baik sebab tak kena ikat kat pokok hahaha. Main beria sampai geram-geram, tu nak ikat syae kat pokok tu. Apapun, semua orang terhibur la. 

More pictures kat fb ku, kat album 'picnic game'. Videos? Hm tengok la camne nanti haha. Tapi rugilah kalau tak dapat upload video kan? takleh la korang nak tengok sopi buat iklan pakaian mandi (dalam game berlakon) atau jaynal menari dan menyanyi XD

Games ni semua berdasarkan cabutan undi. Tak kira la game individu atau group, semua main cabut-cabut undi. Dan undian adalah muktamad. Untuk game individu, hanya ku dan sopi je dapat undian tu. Sopi cabut undi dia, kena berlakon iklan pakaian mandi. Ok la, dia memang perv. Eh. Haha. Ku? Aku dapat game kena jerit kekuat "I LOVE YOU ABANG POTONG RUMPUT!!!" kat tengah-tengah padang woi! Arghh malu gilaaa. Pastu ada orang kata abang potong rumput tu terberhenti kerja sebab terkejut. lol ye ke ye ke? 

Tengok gambar pula la. Ni antara group game yang kami main....

Fitness Game

Dibahagikan kepada dua kumpulan. 1 kumpulan ada 5 orang. Ada 5 tasks yang perlu diselesaikan. Kalau ada yang tak dapat selesaikan tugas dia, 1 group tu kena ulang, dan ulang dan ulang sampai semua orang sempurnakan tugas individu dia (atau sampai masa tamat). Apa yang penting? Kerjaaaasama!

1) 10x pumping
2) 15x rope skipping
3) 10 sit up
4) 5x balancing takraw ball
5) 50x weightlifting

Bunyi macam senang ye tak? Cubalah dulu wehh. Bila ko terpaksa ulang dan ulang tugas ko sebab asyik tak berjaya atau ada ahli yang spoiled.... Huhuhu lemah badan. 

1st group:

2nd group:

Masa group pertama..

Jaynal pumping, ku skipping, sopi balance bola takraw (tapi gagal), tajul weighlifting (gagal juga sebab masa dia tamat), dan zufar sit up.
tengok sopi sentuh je, bukannya nak pegang bebetul!

second group pula...
mu'az pumping

syae skipping

saffa pumping (ni round ke-3)

Syae: We gonna win this game. Muahaha!
rae weighlifting


Answer Me Game

Game ni sengal taw. Hahaha. Semua orang diberikan 1 kertas, dan mereka diminta tulis sepatah perkataan. Camne nak main? A soal B, dan B kena jawab soalan A dengan apa sahaja perkataan yang A dah tulis kat kertas A tu. Contohnya A tulis "monyet", pastu dia soal B "ko siapa?", B kena jawab "monyet".. pastu B soal A (kertas B tulis "lipas") "ko suka makan apa?", A terpaksa jawab "lipas"!. Haha tak senonoh la juga XD

Hati kena kering baru boleh menang. Sebab soalan merapu, jawapan tak logik. Ada 5 round setiap orang. 

The 1st round: Saffa Vs. Syae

Saffa tengah mengidap penyakit Ainaism. Semua hal dia nak kaitkan dengan "aina comel". Round ni seri, dedua hati kering.  

The 2nd round: Sopi Vs. Tata

Round ni serius pervert. Tahu je la si sopi ni camne, naturally perv (haha fakta okay?). Kesian tajul kena hadap soalan sopi. Ofcoz la sopi memang kan? Geli kot nak jawab soalan sopi XD

The 3rd round: Mu'az Vs. Zufar

bila dua jejaka tough 5sc1 beradu, seri terus round ni

Round terakhir: Ku vs. jaynal

Aish.. ==' Tak sangka soalan jay perv macam soalan sopi. Hahaha nasib baik hati kering, so seri lagi!


Seronok betul.
Terima kasih syae sebab anjurkan event ni :-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mad Dog Johnny

If all dogs in the world are innocent, nice, and as cute as this one..
( reader: Awww~ So cute~~ )

I think,
I won't have this dog killer mood right now..
( reader: Woah! ==' )

Today's short story is about my bad neighbor's ugly bad dog.
They got 2 dogs.

The first one is this brown dog, named Ben.
He is a GOOD dog!
Yeah, I like this one, because he is good, polite, and obedient.

But, I really very berry HATE this ugly black dog!
He is named Johnny.
Yep, the stupid one.. * angry *
His location is really near to our house boundary.


These are some reasons I why I'm hating him.


While others breath in fresh morning air..

Or after a rainy day..
Where cool fresh breeze is delicious..

The only thing we smell is his poo.

The smell getting stronger in the morning because this neighbor still sleeping, didn't bath his dog yet.
And, after rainy, it's cold, err, so doggy love to poo? =='

This black bad doggy really very berry enjoy barking.
He will bark all day.

His barking drives us crazy! UGH! UGH! UGH!
Feels like someone throwing stones into our ears.. That's means ear-ache.
(Wait, ear-ache? Does this word really exist? ==')

Black Dog Johnny will bark to anything that he see.

Here are some of the examples..

Old aunty that crossing by in front of the house..

Neighbors jogging on walk path at the main road..

And even to the very distant neighbor on the other side resident area!!
That resident area is Rae's area, which mean, crossing 3 roads from our house! =='

But, most of the time, he is barking to nobody..
I wonder if...
Is he barking to the invisible creatures that human eyes can't see? 0_O
* shiver *

Bark! Bark! Bark!
Can't he do anything better than... BARK?! =='
Ughhhhhh~ I'm soooooo fed up with his barking... *sigh

I still remember when I was studying for SPM.
Back then, he was locked at the backyard. Unfortunately for me, my room is located at the back!
So, everyday I am having barking fight with him while study. Yeah, I can bark, too! ^^
Maybe that is one of the reasons why I can't score very well in Chemistry??
Because of the unquiet study atmosphere??
Ha-ha! :P

Yes.. Everyday I plan to be a dog killer.
I always scream to him,
What are you barking at mad dog??
Do you want to eat Sodium Chloride, yes?!
Or do you prefer Potassium Cyanide?!

When you are living in a disturbing condition of hearing dog barking every single days, with it's owner that doesn't even care about others..
This dog killing thoughts will popped into your mind.

I learned Biology.
I know a lot about dog's allergic foods that can cause dead. Because I once dreamed to be a veterinarian ^^
Oh hey.. Don't worry :)
If these evil thoughts of killing doggy came by,
I will think about the sins that I will get after killing.
And, that would stop me from doing it. I'm still sane!

Logically, we should write the report to the MBSA a long time ago.
This bad neighbor doesn't have license to pet these dogs.
That is the strongest point.

But, some neighbors doesn't want to give a good collaboration.
Those that do business doesn't want to take a risk, because this bad neighbor is.. err.. * can't say the word, shiver * =='
Furthermore, we are going to move house at the end of this year.

Yep, 8 months to go!
And then, we are free from Black Bad Mad Johnny's disturbing sounds.
Patient! Yes, just be patient ears and noses! Just 8 more months only..

For now..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Story of the amazing ant

Today, I want to tell a short story of the red ant of house.
Yeah, like this..

I'm amazed by this ant species. Why?
Because it can do many incredible things!

As we know, ant love sweet foods. Any other foods, too.
So, I can't just leave sweet foods, or any foods without protection on the table.

And, sometimes I wonder if ant colony have its own spy.
Just couple of seconds I put the food on the table, the ant already marching towards it!

Therefore, I come with my own smart solution.
Put the food in a container, then put the container in a big bowl, then pour some water in the bowl.
So, I thought the ant won't get my food.
Unfortunately.. what I didn't know is that the ant colony already trained its army to swim!
I heard they win all golden medals for swimming in the Ant's Olympic.

As we all already know, ant can do wall climbing without any safety equipments.
Any degrees, 30 degree, 90 degree, high, low, uneven surface. You name it.

But, did you know that the ant in my house can drilling on hard marble, concrete, cement, wood, and even plastic?!
One of my plastic cutting board already been drilled by the ant army.
Ngee! =='

The ant also like to play extreme game too.

They like to do sky jumping/diving.
They also like to wind surfing.
For the braver one, it will do the free jumping from the table to the floor, freely!

Believe me, this is real.

Sometimes, when the ant doesn't feel like swimming to get the food, it will do the sky jumping.
Unfortunately, the ant didn't study Physics, so, they didn't know about air resistant. On how the air resistance will affect their landing spot. In conclusion, they won't fall on the food location :D

Now, the story is just a fairy tale. that ant colony has mysteriously disappeared from my house. Maybe they had lost a big battle with other ant colony or being eaten by the one and only big black spider in my house. Plus, the big black spider also mysteriously disappear after the ant colony gone. Hmm.. o_0


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Story of a cockroach

This is me, happily vacuuming my room with my new blue vacuum.
While doing that, I was listening to my mp3 using headphones.

When suddenly a big BAD cockroach appears in front of me.
"gahaha~ human girl! attack!!"

To its appearance, I'm screaming out loud to the top of my lungs (or it's throat, eh?).

With that, still in shock+panic, I give Mr.Cockroach the very max power of my vacuum!
Mr.Cockroach: Oh no! HELP!!! *cry
Aira: *turn more max power of vacuum
Mr.Cockroach struggled hard to escape, but Mr.Vacuum is more powerful.

And there it is.. Safely eaten by Mr.Vacuum.
Mr.Vacuum: Burp! :)

FUH!! :D

My room is clean!
No cockroaches are allowed to enter! :(

I think it's from outside, sneaking around to enter my room by the window.

Hump! =='

Dania's surprise birthday party and class reunion

It's a surprise birthday party isn't?

Last Sunday, we (5sc1 '09) went to Burger King, next to Extreme Park, Section 13 Shah Alam.
The main objective is to celebrate Dania's birthday which is on April 10.
The other objective is, of course, class reunion! :)

Chocolate Indulgent Cake, Secret Recipe *wink

The Birthday Girl
Happy Birthday Dania! :D

Ngee, it was fun, meeting classmates after we all finished our school last year. Ahh.. Miss them. It's been a long time (yes, 3 months is a long time) since the Aliyah's Birthday+New Year Party, right..

Most of us were surprised when we saw Mu'az's new look!

Like Syae said "Ko nampak kurus la sekarang Mu'az! Rambut ko pun da lain, dulu kembang bulat, sekarang dah gaya penyek tepi"..

Everyone had a good life so far, I guess,

*pictures are stolen from Amirah Najwa's facebook :P