Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Si putih and fish cake

Yesterday, while waiting for Mama to come and fetch me up, as usual, I went to meet Si Putih to say hi. He was sleeping under a bench. So, I don't want to bother him (but I did actually)..

While I was eating Koperasi's famous fish cake (best selling food), Si Putih suddenly woke up and "muuuu~ miaaaw~ mmmm~" asking me to share the fish cake with him.

"Mmmmm~ Purrrr~ nuu, muooow.. meoooo.. muu.. mmm"

"still sleepy, but it's smells goooood~ nur, please give me some! no, i actually want it all!"

"waaahh~ so yummy! although the chili sauce is spicy, but it's really taste goooood~"

The last thing I realize was, Si Putih ate all of my fish cake =='